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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

The Pasadena Church of Christ and I are very pleased with your work, we will use you again.

- Marty Brower Church of Christ | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Thorough, that's Partnership Painting. From beginning to completion, Partnership Painting responded to all our needs, questions and changes. The result, a great paint job from a responsible and reliable crew. I'd use them again in an instant.

- Daniel & Wachtel Facilities Manager Saint Mark's School | Altadena, CA | 5/5

Brad Cage listened carefully and clearly understood the scope of the work to be done. The quote was fully itemized and easy to understand. The crew who performed the work was always friendly and helpful. They did a fine job and cleaned up carefully as they moved from room to room. Partnership Painting has done an excellent job for us.

- John Anderson Church of God | 5/5

We think Scott & Brad are the sweetest, cutest, nicest, most adorable painters in the world. Why go anywhere else when you have perfection at your back door?

- Beth & Robert Gerber | Arcadia, CA | 5/5

No guess work, the staff was always on time, polite and did a very fine job. The woodwork looks great.

- Mr. & Mrs. Repp | Alhambra , CA | 5/5

Efficient, neat, friendly, very professional.

- Mr. & Mrs. Graham | Alhambra , CA | 5/5

They went above and beyond what was expected.

- Lucille Martin | Alhambra , CA | 5/5

The pleasant, positive, upbeat vanter that transpired among the crew impressed me the most basically, guys you're doing a great job!

- Mr. & Mrs. John Luce | Monrovia, CA | 5/5

Very professional and efficient!

- Lee & Cindy Roesner | Monrovia , CA | 5/5

Stayed on the job and got it done. Looks like a different house.

- Catherine Woodward | Monrovia, CA | 5/5

I’m especially impressed with the thoroughness and pride that you have demonstrated on each of the 3 separate jobs that you have done for me. I also appreciate your willingness to correct any area that needs touching up.

- Mrs. Valentine | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Your crew was very professional, hardworking, friendly, accomodating and did great work. We are very pleased and happy that we chose your company. The job was also priced well - Thanks!

- Jim & Linda Gebhard | 5/5

Your work helped transform our house into a home. I especially liked the color samples, the attention to detail particularly wood trim, and overall willingness to make changes from original plans.

- Chad & Renee Norton | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Great job & very professional.

- Rob & Pamela Harrison | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Partnership Painting is the most pleasant & professional group of contractors I’ve ever dealt with.

- Ram & Mary Beth Basu | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Partnership Painting understands the aesthetics of our area and works expertly. I’ve never seen an organization so receptive to doing what’s necessary for customer satisfaction.

- Mrs. Ruth Turner | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Polite, competent, very clean, preparation is well done.

- Mrs. Hendrix | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Partnership Painting have been to our house twice, for both inside and outside work and have done a meticulous job both times: We are very satisfied with their work. Just an overall great job and very professional people.

- Mr. & Mrs. Russell | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Great team, Great work Good value, very professional – we’re happy!

- Mr. & Mrs. DeLang | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

As always it was positive experience from start to finish!

- Larry & Nancy Rench | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

They solved every problem we presented to them skillfully, graciously and with good taste.

- Gary & Mary Couey | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

By far the most exceptional house painters we’ve come across.

- Bill & Mary LeaCarroll | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

A perfect, thorough, professional job, from start to finish. All the men working on the job were well – trained and efficient.

- Mr. & Mrs. Reitnouer | 5/5

Very professional and flexible. Main goal was that we were satisfied with all aspects of the paint job. And we were!

- Mr. & Mrs. Reilly | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

The cleanest, quickest, quietest best per specifications house painting we have eve enjoyed!

- Mr. & Mrs. Bailey | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Quality of work is excellent. Value is seen in the tremendous prep work done and the attention to detail.

- Melanie & Jeff Baxter | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Staff very friendly, excellent work and had faith in leaving it all in your hands.

- Marjorie Hartley | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Excellent service, meticulous work.

- Dr. Perkins | Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Quiet, clean, cute, friendly, cheery and superb paint job.

- Mr. & Mrs. Wenzlau | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Once you started, you stayed on the job to completion and were careful, pleasant and listened.

- Mr. & Mrs. Peterson | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Communication with the customer is excellent!

- Mr. & Mrs. Crumrine | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Thank you for helping to make my house shine for the holidays. Everyone on your team is always, professional and courteous.

- Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Terrific always!

- Mary Marsh | San Marino, CA | 5/5

We always look forward to our next painting project knowing that the Partnership Painting crew will be with us once again.

- Mr. & Mrs. Whiting | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Partnership Painting provides excellent work; they are friendly, prompt & professional!

- Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sosa | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Just very pleased with everything painters were efficient.

- Mr. & Mrs. Neely | San Marino, CA | 5/5

The work was completed promptly and at a fair price. Exceptional care was take to protect my furnishings. Outstanding clean up.

- Mr. & Mrs. Conner | San Marino, CA | 5/5

They did a great job as always.

- Mr. & Mrs. Clayton | San Marino, CA | 5/5

Daily clean up was incredible.

- Pat Laborde | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Meticulous attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Kudos to Scott and the entire crew. Outstanding workmanship. I am so pleased with my new look. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your crew.

- Mrs. Warner | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Very satisfied – good contact checking on job, would recommend to anyone. Help in selecting colors – great

- Mrs. Mable Bridgeman | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

This is a well-trained and well-executed enterprise. The staff is very gracious, efficient and competent.

- Mr. & Mrs. Williams | South, Pasadena | 5/5

We were impressed with the attention to detail and your desire to please us! Thanks!

- Mr. & Mrs. William Penn | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Responsiveness, always returns phone calls and leaves messages promptly.

- Mr. & Mrs. Wang | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

The "partner’s" deliver what they promise in a high quality, caring manner!

- Mr. & Mrs. Pine | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

We both work with “professional” commercial painters who could learn a great deal about professionalism from Partnership Painting.

- Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ledford | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

From the initial consultation, through the process to the very end it was professional and worry free.

- Mr. & Mrs. Folsom | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Never had an easier more professional paint job.

- Ryan Langholz | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

The most reliable painting company I’ve ever done business with.

- Marilyn Chandler | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Excellent communication, friendly staff & very clean.

- Karen & Gary Seto | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

They were very kind, courteous and professional. They know their business and ask questions when necessary

- Joan McElearney | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

The job was accomplished in spite of the turmoil painting always entails with minimum disruption and with concern for occupants.

- Frances McCann | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Thank you, the house looks great!

- Dr. & Mrs. Tranquada | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

The workers did a very good job, I’m more impressed each time I use you.

- Mr. Bob Murdoch | South Pasadena, CA | 5/5

Scott, I want to thank you for your help. I appreciate the way you conduct business with your customers. I have seen so many contractors that are not so well organized as you are and tend to loose money and do not know why. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks me for an excellent contractor.

- George Lovejoy | Los, Angeles | 5/5

It was indeed a pleasure working with Partnership Painting. The staff and crew were consistent and reliable and most cooperative towards completing the exterior painting of my wood frame house and two detached garages. Everyone seemed to like their jobs and it showed in attention to details, information and options, to get a job well done. Thank you

- Pat Brown | 5/5

Jose Baca and Alberto Mancilla, like your oter employees, are dependable, prompt polite and good painters. I like the card with the crew's names.

- Kathleen Degood | 5/5

Partnership Painting did an outstanding job in painting the interior of our house - very professional, fast and efficeint! Mary Johnson

- Mary Johnson | 5/5

Showed up when they said they would - same time every day in a.m. and p.m., so easy to plan the day as I knew when they would be here if I needed to toalk to them. Also, Becky was very nice and easy to work with.

- Grant Rowe | 5/5

They were impeccably cleaned. They were very detail oriented and I will have them back. They gave a fair price for the work they did.

- | 5/5

Overall great job. Overall great crew. Great company, friendly and professional, and very neat!

- Finerty | 5/5

From the first meeting till the final walk through, I was impressed. Excellent work, very neat, and friendly staff!

- Karen Blake | 5/5

Another happy customer Great attention to detail, courteous, hardworking. I appreciate the care of plants.

- | 5/5

I just wanted to thank you for a job well done on our house (1960 Oak St.). We have received several compliments from our neighbors and strangers about the new paint job. We were very impressed with the crew that you sent to work our house, particularly Armando and Wencesloa. They were very professional at all times and we liked the fact that they cleaned up at the end of each day. We also are very pleased with the repair work that they did on our front door and the old mailbox slot as well as the staining of the footboard at the French doors. Please send Armando and Wencesloa our compliments!

- Stephanie & Brian Saenger | 5/5

Very friendly painters, work was very good. I will recommend you to friends.

- Ray Judson Jr. | 5/5

The referral from Green Street was perfect!

- Barbara Sweeney | 5/5

We appreciated the in-dept consultation by Scott and how he instructed his crew to the project at hand. They also accomplished the task within the time frame given. Outstanding Job!

- Madelyn & Ken Smith | 5/5

Great job - minimal impact to our ability to live in house while work was being done.

- Mr. & Mrs. Burr | 5/5

I've used Partnership Painting on at least 3 different occasions and have been extremely satisfied with all phases of the job from initial estimate to clean up.

- Donna Packer | 5/5

They were very professional and I liked them very much. I will use them in the future if the need arose.

- Sally Pasadena | 5/5

I am extremely happy with the work - would recommend your company to anyone.

- Hugh Griffith | 5/5

Superlative quality and custom-fit our request in a consistent time-frame.

- Karina Page | 5/5

Partnership Painting did an excellent job. We were very pleased with the professionalism and results of the entire organization.

- Edie Burge | 5/5

Excellent Work!

- Mrs. Mosher | 5/5

Neat and clean during painting! Great carpenter and gutter recommendation.

- Carolyn Johnson | 5/5

I was most satisfied with how much effort the crew put into touching up spots that Partnership had painted years ago. They wanted my house to look great and clearly took pride in their work.

- Brandon J. | 5/5

I just can't say enough good things about Partnership Painting. Excellent work, courteous service, I wish all service companies did this kind of work.

- Jenny M. | 5/5

My crew was great. The attention to detail makes for a nice finish!

- Joyrce S. | 5/5

ALL details! Both Julio and Santiago were a pleasure to have here!

- Foster | 5/5

The best painters in town!

- Mrs. Kully | 5/5

It is unusual to find excellence in the art of refinishing; it is rare to find courtesy, promptness and meticulous cleanliness to go with it. We found Partnership Painting to have it all - a renaissance workship and work ethic rolled into one. You have our gratitude and admiration.

- The Brights | La Canada, CA | 5/5

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