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Dry Rot & Termite Damage Repair For Your Pasadena Home

Termite damage dry rot repair

Are you looking for residential or commercial dry rot repair experts in Pasadena? If so, Partnership Painting Inc specializes in dry rot repair in Pasadena and surrounding areas. As homes age and get exposed to the elements, dry rot repair is inevitable. It's important to fix dry rot cracks as soon as they're noticed as they trigger expensive home restorations. Cracks in your home's siding or brickwork can also make your residence or commercial property unsafe, leading to termite infestation that would threaten its foundation. After dry rot repair is complete, our painting contractors can spruce up the appearance of your wood with a paint job or wood staining.

Let the experts at Partnership Painting Inc provide professional termite and dry rot repair for your home or business in Pasadena. Reach out to our dedicated staff for a free evaluation.

Termite Damage Repair

It's no secret that termites love wood beams because they are packed with cellulose. Termites enter your home at the ground level or at the roofline, and begin eating through the surrounding wood. Structural wood damages are the most difficult to repair. Our team of skilled workers replace the wood that has become infested by termites without disturbing the structure of your home. As soon as the damaged wood is replaced, we touch up the affected areas to match the existing colors.

Wood rot can be worse than you think… here’s why:

Often what you see is only the tip of the iceberg so it’s important to schedule an appointment to get a professional evaluation if you suspect you have any issues.

Do you know that we specialize in accessing and repairing wood rot?

It can be a serious issue that can be quite expensive if wood replacement is necessary. We have found that if you discover dry rot damage in the early stages, wood replacement can be avoided and wood can be repaired using wood epoxy.

What is wood rot?

Wood rot occurs over time and traditionally is due to water and sun damage in unprotected wood. We typically find it in areas that are exposed outdoors that have not been properly sealed and painted… or might have come in contact with too much moisture from rain or sprinklers.

How do we find it?

We typically discover wood rot when we are preparing for a paint job. During our prep process, we scrape and sand to remove all loose material. Many times if we find wood rot, it is worse because it’s bigger and deeper than what the eye can see.

How do we evaluate what to do?

We have to first look at the location of the damage and determine if the wood is important to the structure. If the wood is a beam or part of the engineering we may recommend replacement over patching.

If the damage is only aesthetically an issue we typically can fix it with our three-stage process which includes removal, repair, and repaint.

Fixed or replaced?

If we can fix your damaged wood, which is less expensive than replacement, we remove all the damaged wood, use our special abatron mix, carefully patch the wood, sand, prime and paint. This will add years of life and beauty to your project.

If wood replacement is needed we would determine if the job is suitable for our crew to replace or if a specialty craftsman is needed. We know other trades that can help get the job done.

Please let us know if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns or upcoming project. You can schedule an appointment here and we will contact you.

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Partnership Painting company has been a godsend to me. I have a very nice heavy hardwood double doors that a previous painter some 4 years ago had messed up. They used to be stained and varnished. The previous painters used actual paint mixed with varnish and ruined the look of my doors, which had recently started to bubble up and peel. Partnership Painting was the only company that was willing to strip the paint, re-stain and varnish my hardwood doors. It was a very messy job and took almost four days to get the job done. But it was so worth it because my doors look stunning now, with the beautiful grain of the wood exposed by the stain and varnish. The team leader Rene who worked on my project was terrific. And his partner Edgar was good too, a very fast and hard worker. There was only one mishap on my project when Edgar failed to install one of the door seals properly and ended up gouging the door sill. It showed the lack of experience on Edgar's part and I hope he learned from the mishap. My one recommendation to Rene, the team lead, would be for him to assign tasks to his co-worker only after explaining to him how the work should be performed and what to watch out for. I would highly recommend Partnership Painting. They are pretty pricey, but you get what you pay for, and with Partnership Painting you get the best of the best.
-Wahak K.

I have never worked with a painting company that delivered what they said they would until I hired Partnership Painting. Top notch painters hands done! Attention to detail - clean lines and no drip marks anywhere! Unbelievable job with impeccable service. Left no mess and did an outstanding job! Will definitely be using this company for future paint jobs.
-Mike W.

Very happy with the service we received on the exterior of our home. The employees showed up on time, were professional and worked through the day taking minimal breaks. We also appreciated the job taking a couple extra days, because We felt they were promoting quality work vs. being in a rush to finish! We highly recommend Partnership Painting and would definitely use them in the future!
-Leslie F.

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