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Welcome to Partnership Painting, Inc.: a Los Angeles County Painting Contractor

Painting contractor Partnership Painting, Inc. first started as a partnership between two best friends, Scott Penn and Brad Cage. Scott and Brad have known each other since 1968 (the second grade) and learned about the painting trade from Scott's father who painted houses when he was not teaching High School.  Since forming Partnership Painting in 1984, the company has slowly grown to meet the needs of our ever-expanding list of satisfied customers with quality Los Angeles County painting services.

At Partnership Painting our goal is to provide our residential and commercial customers with professional Los Angeles County painting contractors that offer superior customer satisfaction and quality results that look better for longer. You don't have to take our word for it, though - just read through our client reviews! We have serviced hundreds of home throughout Los Angeles County, and the positive feedback we receive is a testament to our hard work and dedication.

Although we have primarily painted the interiors and exteriors of residential homes throughout Los Angeles County, we have also painted churches, schools, condominium complexes, apartment houses, commercial offices and a 52,000 square foot YMCA, along with many other types of commercial buildings. If you are in need of Los Angeles County residential or commercial painting, please give our experienced painting contractors a call!

Partnership Painting, Inc. - Los Angeles County House Painters

As a painting company that has been providing quality Los Angeles County painting services since 1984, you can count on Partnership Painting, Inc. for all your house painting needs. We are fully licensed and insured Los Angeles County house painters that follow the appropriate measures to protect our customers and employees from hazards including lead-based paint. Don't settle for just any house painter - choose someone you can trust. Contact Partnership Painting, Inc. today!

With Partnership Painting as Your Los Angeles County House Painter, You Can Expect:

  • On time professionalism
  • Quality work at an excellent value
  • Neat and clean project completion
  • Experienced and skilled Los Angeles County house painters that are insured with liability and worker's compensation insurance
  • Superior customer service from a friendly and easy to work with staff

Los Angeles County Interior Painting

Every year many DIY painting homeowners are injured in falls because they lack proper ladders for the job, or because they do not know how to safely use what equipment they have when attempting to complete Los Angeles County interior painting projects. In addition, lead paint in older homes, dust from sanding, and strong-smelling paints and solvents can pose health risks to homeowners.

As licensed, insured and experienced Los Angeles County painting contractors, the crew at Partnership Painting, Inc. have the skills and equipment necessary to complete Los Angeles County interior painting tasks safely, without risking any adverse effects to you or your home. We always follow the appropriate measures to protect our customers and employees from hazards including lead-based paint that is often found in homes built before 1978.

Save yourself from the hassle, stress, and potential dangers of tackling a DIY interior painting project. Contact Partnership Painting today for quick and properly painted interiors at competitive prices. We are certain you will be impressed with the quality of our Los Angeles County painting services!

Los Angeles County Exterior Painting

If you have an older Los Angeles County home and want to choose colors other than green and white, here are some guidelines to consider before starting an exterior painting project:

1. Light colors "advance" the exterior of Los Angeles County homes while dark colors cause them to "recede". This means that lighter shades will make your home appear larger and closer to the street, while darker shades make your home seem smaller and further away. If you want your house to blend in and be less noticeable, therefore, a darker hue is best.

2. Light dramatically affects how colors appear to the human eye. In cooler climates the light is diffused and bold colors are intensified. In southern climates, the harsher, brighter sunlight will cause pale tints to appear washed out.

3. If you want your gutters and downspouts to be less noticeable, paint them the same color as the house.

4. Make sure any mildew problems are solved before you begin your Los Angeles County exterior painting project. Test suspicious spots with household bleach and if they change color, you definitely have a mildew problem.

5. Moisture problems must be eliminated before exterior painting begins. If they are not, water will ruin even the best Los Angeles County exterior paint job.

7. It is recommended to get expert help from a professional Los Angeles County painting contractor when tackling an exterior painting project. This is especially desirable if you own a historical landmark and wish for it to be restored to its former appearance.

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