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Questions And Answers About Wallpaper Removal

Questions answers wallpaper removal

Wallpaper removal can be a sticky, gooey mess. While today’s techniques can make the work easier, there is still a lot of work to the process.

Many love wallpaper still today as it can add elements to the decor that are desirable. Yet still many others want to remove any wallpaper so they can paint or texture the walls instead.

Partnership Painting Inc has served many homeowners in Pasadena and surrounding areas with wallpaper removal over the years. Our experts offer great advice and tips about painting, wallpaper removal, and more. Here are some common questions asked about wallpaper removal that you may have too…

Q: What are the methods of wallpaper removal?

A: Dry-stripping, steaming, chemical soak, and scraping are techniques that can remove old wallpaper. Scraping may need to be done in combination with other treatments.

Dry-stripping is done on strippable wallpaper. You’ll first need to test the wallpaper to see if dry-stripping will work.

Chemical soaking uses a solution and elbow grease to remove wallpaper. The surface is first scored on vinyl or acrylic wallpaper types. This allows chemicals to soak in.

Using steam for wallpaper removal is great for stiff, old, heavy wallpaper. A steamer pad is used to soften the glue and penetrate the paper. Applying too little steam makes it more difficult while applying too much damages the drywall or plaster.

Q: Will the wall have to be repaired after wallpaper removal?

A: In many instances, yes. The only time you may not have to repair the wall after wallpaper removal is when it easily peels off. If it does, you’re lucky.

In some cases, drywall has to be replaced. With professional wallpaper removal service , you’ll have less risk of damages to the walls.

Different types of wallpaper may require different techniques for removal. And, depending on the surface underneath, the job can be easier or near impossible.

Q: Is it okay to paint over wallpaper?

Painting over wallpaper is often done to save money. The problem with not removing the wallpaper first is that eventually the wallpaper will start to peel and so will the paint on top, ruining the paint job.

The other problem with painting over wallpaper is that the seams where the next section of wallpaper meet the first will show through the paint. While from far away it may look fine, up close it looks cheap.

Many Pasadena rental agencies or homeowner landlords choose to not remove wallpaper before painting. While it saves them money upfront, they only find themselves bringing down the value of the property and turning off prospective tenants.

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